Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

Ein weiteres großartiges Beispiel von eLearning 2.0

So betitelt Tony Karrer, der bereits etliche aufführte, in seinem aktuellen Beitrag "Web 2.0 Learning: eLearning Technology" das Beispiel der JetBlue University. Großartig in der Tat, wie einige Zitate zeigen (Hervorhebungen von mir):
  • "Early in 2008, Jet Blue University powered its training faculty with a Web 2.0 toolkit of blogs and wiki’s as a way for them to share best practices and be the pioneers for social media tools."
  • "It really makes a lot of sense for companies to use their “learning organization” to test out new ways to collaborate and share best practices. First, for employees in the learning department of an organization, part of their job is to share best practices around the enterprise....So now they can become blogger champions and learn first-hand the power of social media
  • while using the tools to do their job—share lessons learned across their community of peers..""So, I can see how empowering the training faculty to be a community of blogger and wiki champions can create excitement and even be a vehicle to re-invent and re-brand an entire learning organization. Some topic areas to think about having your faculty share best practices using blogs and wikis’ include, new-hire employee on-boarding, leadership development of high potentials and even company-wide blogging guidelines, assuming the company then decides to expand this initiative enterprise-wide."
  • "...professionals in a company’s learning organization want to “role model” what is expected across the organization. What better way to be a role model business unit than to be the first to use these new social media tools."