Sonntag, 30. November 2008

Twitter is a re-incarnation of the old Unix philosophy of simple, cooperating tools

Dieser bemerkenswerte Satz fand ich bei Tim O'Reilly in seinem Artikel "Why I love Twitter", wie überhaupt der Artikel lesenswert ist:
"I soon realized that Twitter has grown up to become a critical business tool, ideal for following the latest news, tracking the ideas and whereabouts of people who will shape the future of technology, and sharing my own thoughts and attention stream."
Auf festen Säulen steht seine Twitter-Liebe:
  1. "Twitter is simple.
    ...Personally, I don't have time to wade through the comments; for me, Twitter is about quick hits, not about extended discussion. And while I love the promise of service aggregation, I tend to think that trying to marry it to commenting obscures its potential. Less is more...
  2. Twitter works like people do.
    ...Twitter's brilliant social architecture means that anyone can follow me, and I can follow anyone else (unless they want to keep their updates private.) Gradually, through repeated contact, we become friends. @ replies that can only be seen by people followed by both parties to a conversation create a natural kind of social grouping, as well as social group extensibility, as I gradually get more and more visibility into new people that my friends already know...
  3. Twitter cooperates well with others.
    ...There are dozens of powerful third-party interface programs; there are hundreds of add-on sites and tools...
  4. Twitter transcends the web.
    Like all of the key internet services today, Twitter is equally at home on the mobile phone.
  5. Twitter is user-extensible.
    ...The @syntax for referring to users, hashtags, and whatever you call the use of $ as a special symbol for reference to financial instruments, were all user-generated innovations that, because of Twitter's simplicity, allowed for third party services to be layered not just on the API, but on the content. ..
  6. Twitter evolves quickly.
    ...In many ways, Twitter is a re-incarnation of the old Unix philosophy of simple, cooperating tools. The essence of Twitter is its constraints, the things it doesn't do, and the way that its core services aren't bound to a particular interface....What's different, of course, is that Twitter isn't just a protocol. It's also a database. And that's the old secret of Web 2.0, Data is the Intel Inside.
"Great Post", kommentiert Jodee Rich, und ergänzt:
"The Twitter protocol is as important as the cell phone and the PC. The Romans and Greeks created democracy, we lost it with broadcast media and big institutions, microblogging is bringing it back - Collaboration will move us forward."

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