Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2008

QRCodes and mobile Learning

Inge de Waard stellt in ihrem aktuellen Blogeintrag ihre Präsentation Mobile Barcodes/QRcodes in E-Learning im Rahmen der Session "Extending the Range of the Mobile Phone"bereit.
Die Ideensammlung der Veranstaltung liest sich spannend:
  • Adding it to a business card;
  • Using QRcodes to promote an article or thing on the go (in the street, open space);
  • using it inside buildings (flour plans);
  • using it in tours by linking it to audio that give background information on the sights;
  • using it in (newspaper) articles to link to extra/background information;
  • putting it on geocaching games and articles;
  • using it to guide people directly to a map to go to a hotel, university... (from bus stops, train stations...);
  • linking it to audio samples to construct a bigger sound landscape;
  • using it to guide learners to sights and learning spaces;
  • making a mobile tour and in that tour linking certain spots to the Basque language (or any other language, but I liked the idea of linking it to a language that is not mainstream yet very rich).
Die Präsentation ist aus meiner Sicht zugleich eine gute Erläuterung und nicht minder anregend, der Thematik nachzugehen.

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