Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Knowledge Work Is Broken

"Knowledge work is broken - can social fix it"? fragt Oscar Berg in seiner überaus gelungenen Präsentation, aus der ich meine persönlichen Highlights hier liste:
  • Slide 13: "Why isn't management doing more to fix knowledge work, i.e. the existing system to support it better?"
  • Slide 18: "To improve workspace awareness, organizations will need to redesign their digital work environments based on social principles."
  • Slide 20: "...that the majority of the value-creation activities in an enterprise are hidden and thus not recognized or valued".
  • Slide 24: "To enable social collaboration, organizations need to provide transparent and open digital spaces...".
  • Slide 26: We are now moving on from just deploying social tools to applying social principles and mechanisms to change how work is actually being done".
  • Slide 27: Trends in Social Collaboration
  • Slide 29: "Social Business is serious business".
Knowledge work is broken - can social fix it?

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